The Rooftop Yoga venue is a little different and this magical place has a few quirks you need to be aware of before your first visit.

Arrive early

We take your health and safety very seriously and will be running a tight ship in terms of security so the access gates on Level 6 will be locked five minutes before the start of every class.

It’s raining…but we don’t care

The classes will go ahead whatever the weather! We have two undercover spaces we can use; one with a view and one cosy hay-bale auditorium so nothing will stop us.

Bring suitable clothing and water

If the weather is hot, it can get VERY hot on the roof! So bring suncream, shades and even a hat. And PLENTY OF WATER.

If the weather is on the cool side, wrap up warm. It can get very breezy up high and is often nippier than down on the ground. This is especially true if we are using one of the undercover spaces due to rain.

Bring a yoga mat

We have 30 yoga mats to loan out for free on a first-come-first-served basis for each class. However they do get quite dirty so if you have your own please bring it with you for comfort and hygiene reasons. If there are enough you can borrow one of our mats to put underneath yours.

Changing and toilets

There are toilets on site but please note that they are unconventional temporary structures (think Glastonbury but high up!) so please don’t expect anything too glamorous (or clean).

There are NO dedicated changing facilities and definitely no showers.

I’ve never done yoga before, can I come?

Yes. Everyone has to start somewhere and Rooftop Yoga is a great place to start your yoga journey. Visit the classes page to read up on what is on offer and make a realistic choice of class based on your physical health and fitness level.

Vinyasa and Rocket are both dynamic, fast forms of yoga but if you are physically fit beginners are welcome.

If you want to start with something a bit slower, or are not sure about your physical fitness levels why not try Dru Yoga which is suitable for all levels and abilities.

I’m not flexible at all. Is that OK?

Yes. That is a very good reason to come to yoga. Being flexible is a benefit of doing yoga not a pre-requisite. If you are unsure of your ability level get in touch with us and we can help you choose a class that is right for you.

What do I wear to a yoga class?

Something you feel comfortable in and that allows you to move freely. Men ususally wear loose fitting trousers such as tracksuit bottoms, with a t shirt. Women often wear leggings or jogging bottoms and a vest top or t shirt. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

You might get quite warm in class (especially for Vinyasa and Rocket), and then cool off in the relaxation, so wearing layers is a good idea.

What footwear do I need?

Yoga should be practiced in bare feet. Some people like to wear socks, but this is not advisable as you may slip. You can buy yoga socks which  have grips which help you to avoid slipping.

Is it OK to eat before yoga?

No. It is not advisable to eat a large meal less than two hours before practicing yoga. If you are coming straight from work you may want to eat a banana or another light snack to make sure you don’t get too hungry, but wait until after the class before you eat your lunch or tea. The same goes for alcohol – please do not drink alcohol before a yoga class and take care if you do decide to drink afterwards.