Yoga practiced outdoors is one of life’s sweet moments. The exhilaration of feeling the breeze, the sun on your face, or even the pitter-patter of soft rain just makes your yoga practice that much more special.

We spend so much time inside in our London lives, whether it be sitting on tubes and buses or in front of a computer in an air-conditioned office. This is your chance to breathe deeply and tune back in with the outside world, from the amazing vantage point of a rooftop with a stunning view!

But what if the weather is a bit iffy?

We don’t worry too much. Some of the most amazing Rooftop Yoga sessions have been held under moody skies with our mats ruffling under our Downward Dogs.

However, due to changes at our venue we are now weather dependent. Classes will go ahead whenever practically possible but if the weather is particularly unkind they will be cancelled two hours before the scheduled start time. Ticket holders will receive an email to inform them of the cancellation and a full refund. Tickets are non-transferable.

Tania rooftop cropped